ZonePoint: Ensures confidentiality of data stored and shared with SharePoint the Business Collaboration Platform from Microsoft

Apply security protection automatically on all sort of data stored with Microsoft SharePoint ...

ZonePoint: data shared with SharePoint encryption
ZonePoint: data shared with SharePoint encryption
To encrypt your data shared and stored with SharePoint
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ZonePoint in detail


update: November the 28, 2012

Encrypted document archiving

The documents are permanently encrypted on SharePoint portals. At no time is there any movement of unencrypted data on the servers. The documents are encrypted and decrypted locally on the workstations with the user key.

Secure sharing and collaborative working

ZonePoint provides cryptographic partitioning of documents between users, workgroups or categories of personnel (Right to know management).

Secure outsourcing of data

Companies are free to choose where to host their data: in-house, outsourced to a third party or in the Cloud… In all cases, the data stays protected and the encryption governance remains in the hands of the company.

Stand-out functions

  • Depositing / retrieval of encrypted documents that is entirely transparent to the user
  • Access via Windows Explorer (Webdav) or web browser
  • Compatible and complementary with ZoneCentral, Cryhod, and Zed!
  • Authentication via X509 certificate or password
  • Enterprise recovery mechanism



Operating system: Windows 10 to Seven (32bits and 64bits).
User languages:  English,  French,  Spanish.



Technological, hardware and software compatibilities


  • PKCS#1
  • PKCS#5
  • PKCS#11
  • X509
  • PKIx

Algorithms used:

  • AES (128 to 256 bits)
  • RSA (1024 to 4096 bits)


  • SharePoint 2010 : Foundation/Server,
  • SharePoint 2013.


  • Internet Explorer 7+ (x86 & x64),
  • Firefox (from 10 to 52),
  • Chrome (from 10 to 45).


  • Terminal Server and Citrix.

Tokens / smartcards:

  • ActiveCard
  • Aladdin
  • Axalto/GemPlus/Gemalto
  • Bull
  • Rainbow
  • ...any token complying with PKCS#11 standards


Sales documentation

Product Datasheet Latest update: 7 July 2017

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