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Orizon: files and folder encryption in the Cloud
Orizon: files and folder encryption in the Cloud
Encryption of user environments and shared spaces in the Cloud

Orizon in detail

Orizon enables encryption of files and folders stored with Cloud service providers. An enterprise encryption policy can be automatically applied to folders synchronised to the Cloud.

Encryption of the user's synchronised space

Orizon automatically encrypts and decrypts the folders and files synchronised with online storage services, without any user interaction.

The user accesses files as normal with nothing particular to do and without perceiving any difference between the processing of encrypted files and of unencrypted files. All users need to do is provide an access key just once during their work session, to enable the decryption of the encrypted files that they wish to access.

Data confidentiality vis-à-vis the hosting site

The data remains constantly encrypted when transiting and when stored in the Cloud, which guarantees their confidentiality vis-a-vis third parties and reduces the risks in the event of a malfunction with a hosting site.

Encryption governance

Orizon applies the security policies imposed by companies: encryption scope, choice of access keys, recovery/helpdesk, etc.

Encryption of collaborative spaces

The new online storage services enable users to easily share internally and with the outside world.

Orizon makes it possible to combine the flexibility of these services with the security levels required by companies.

Right-to-know management

Thanks to differentiated user keys, Orizon enables management of the right-to-know (cryptographic partitioning) in the encrypted spaces.

Freeware for external users

To enable users to work with external contacts in encrypted collaborative spaces, Prim’X makes a free and multi-platform version available to everyone: Orizon Guest.

Application case

  • Encryption of the user's synchronised documents
  • Encryption of hosted internal shares
  • Encryption of files deposited in a Cloud account
  • External encrypted shares (datarooms)



  • Available for Windows (32bits et 64bits), macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.
  • Authentication by password or certificate.
  • Smartcard and token: support for major manufacturers' models.
  • State-of-the-art encryption: algorithms, mechanisms, norms.
  • Connectors: OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.